Driving the Future of Audio
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The IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 trade fair in Hannover fully lived up to its aim to be the world’s most important event of its kind. More than 2000 exhibitors from almost 50 countries were in attendance at this huge event, presenting their products across more than 280,000 square metres of floor space. The sector’s most prestigious and globally-renowned companies were present, including leading German manufacturer Daimler whose exhibition at the fair showcased its very latest world-leading, cutting-edge commercial vehicle ranges.

Events service provider, Elaborate Events, was asked by Daimler to find a supplier in the pro-audio sector that could meet the very highest standards of quality required for what is effectively the world’s largest exhibition booth. A number of contrasting spaces were to be covered, comprising significantly different applications. The audio needed to be impactful, discreet and highly intelligible in each one and Elaborate found exactly what they were looking for at events production specialists AMBION GmbH of Kaufungen, where Head of Audio Martin Weicht and his team recommended CODA Audio to fulfill this substantial and challenging brief.

A total of 235 CODA Audio speakers, driven by 76 of the company’s LINUS amplifiers, catering for 204 amp channels were put to work at the exhibition. Virtually every speaker in the production was centrally controlled by Q-SYS Core 510i via Dante, using around 10km of cable.

The mainstage area needed to deliver a powerful audio punch to a wide area and a large audience. 4 hangs of ViRAY were deployed as main and sides PA, with APS in the centre and G712-Pro as nearfills. 8 x G18 subs completed this system.

At the ‘Explainer Stations’ which incorporated large video screens, presenters delivered information to groups of around 20-25 visitors. At these stations, large speakers were not practical, although it was crucial that the presenter-audio filled the areas in front of the screens. AMBION deployed HOPS5 with U12i subs, with the speakers concealed in the exhibition furniture. The power and feedback resistance qualities of this combination enabled the presenters to walk in front of the screens (and by definition, the speakers) without compromising the required sound levels or intelligibility – a unique attribute of CODA Audio technology.

The Driver’s Inn area was a relaxed bar area, with a stage at its centre, where small-scale shows and general entertainment took place. Here 14 x ceiling mounted HOPS8 were complemented by 5 x G15 subs to create an ideal combination for the application.

The well-appointed Mercedes-Benz cafe-bar area was catered for by 20 x ceiling mounted D5 Cube speakers. It was essential that these speakers blended into their surroundings as discreetly as possible. Positioned above and behind the cafe’s lamps, the D5s were effectively invisible with no loss of crystal clear audio reproduction.

Q-SYS Operator Adrian Curths reflects:

“It was a huge system but the compatibility of CODA’s different ranges meant that aligning the different speakers wasn’t really hard at all. It was a case of a couple of simple measurements, a quick listen and there it is – it’s all fine! Similarly, there was not much to do in terms of EQ – the system’s actually work fine if you leave them pretty much flat.”

Martin Weicht, as AMBION’s Head of Audio, oversaw the installation and was very pleased with the project:

“The special thing about the CODA speakers I really like is the clarity in the systems. For example, athough the D712s were lined up maybe 8 or 9 metres above the ground, we still had plenty of headroom for the lavaliers and the clarity was perfect. It was the same with the HOPS5 in the explainer areas – they easily covered the area in front of the screens and we were really happy with the U12i subs in those applications as well – for something so small they’re pretty loud –  awesome really..!”

The choice of CODA Audio for Daimler’s requirements reflects just how the company’s range of products can cover such a broad spectrum of applications, all under one roof, easily integrated  and delivering clear and powerful audio with the minimum of stress. Just as Daimler continue to shape the future of the automotive industry as the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, so CODA is defining the future of professional audio. By any standards, this installation was a huge challenge but one which CODA Audio, in the expert hands of AMBION, succeeded in meeting to the great satisfaction of a very prestigious client.

Photograher: Brad Kavanagh